Sunday, April 7, 2013

What is reality?

The N&O's Rob Christensen says in his column today that the NC GOP may be finished with their "off-the-wall" bills and "settling down." I respectfully disagree with his assessment. I believe actions speak louder than words. Here are just a few examples of their actions:

1. Reject Federal funds to set up a NC health care exchange.
2. Reduce the amount and duration of unemployment payments.
3. Repeal the Earned Income Tax Credit.
4. Fire all regulatory board members.
5. Reject Federal funds to expand Medicaid.
6. Introduce "tax reform" that benefits the wealthy and big business.
7. Eliminate any semblance of corporate accountability by removing environmental regulations.
8. Return once outlawed payday lending to NC.
9. Amend the so-called Women's Right to Know bill to make it even more difficult for women to access their constitutionally-protected right to abortion services.
10. Breach the contract with the City of Raleigh for Dorothea Dix.
11. Introduce "education reform" that does little to improve outcomes but does much to punish teachers.
12. Elect only Republicans to UNC Board of Trustees.
13. Repeal the Racial Justice Act.
14. Resume executions in NC.

And, there are still bills yet to be introduced. If this is "settling down" then I would hate to see the GOP out of control.

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  1. Exactly. The rollback kids in the NCGA are nowhere close to finished.

  2. Well said. Cross posted at BlueNC.

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