Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another day, another insult

“I would just remind you of one thing,” [Rep. Edgar] Starnes [R-Caldwell] said. “The Republicans won the election. We are in control. We intend to elect Republicans and appoint Republicans, and we make no apology for it.”
The petulant remarks of Rep. Starnes perfectly capture the attitude of the NC GOP since they gained the majority in 2011. There is a world of difference between being "in control" and being "in the leadership."
"That's how YOU did it when YOU were in charge" as explanation for their every action is both stale and pitiful. Retribution and revenge is not a good mission statement for lawmakers in power.
This crowd screamed about the infringement of their LIBERTY, FREEDOM AND PROPERTY RIGHTS when I (helped to) lobby for everything from bicycle helmets and smoking bans to child abuse prevention and spanking children in school. Yet their actions to deny women access to their constitutionally protected reproductive health care decisions knows no bounds. Clearly, women are not entitled to freedom.
They are not creating jobs, they are creating barriers to education. They are not caring for the unemployed, uninsured, poor, or any of the people of NC, they are making sure that 23 mega-rich families can avoid paying taxes. They are not protecting our environment and our rich natural resources, they are destroying them.
One does not have to listen too closely to hear that scientific facts, research, the truth and respect for all human beings mean little to the majority. The needle on the hypocrisy meter has finally broken off. Yes, the GOP is in control and they abuse their power on a daily basis.
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